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My name is Mehdi Hoseini

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Mehdi Hosseini

Mehdi Hoseini

First thread


Getting a programming subject for the first time in high school. Liked it.


Getting a Pascal language programming course at the university. Loved it.


Over the past decade, I was a developer. This year I got a terrible failure.

Failure story
We were a team developing a platform to build our own business. We used the waterfall approach. We went to our cave for 2 years with the thought that we knew what our customers wanted. When we came out of our cave something terrible happened. Customers told us that they don’t want our product. So, we forcefully stopped our work.


I lost everything like my hope, energy, money, and time. However, it was a turning point for me when I investigated why we failed. Through the investigation process, I got familiar with Scrum and Agile and realized how amazing they are.


Indeed, if we had known Scrum and Agile, we wouldn’t have had that big failure. Nevertheless, as it was my turning point, I decided to change my career path to be a Scrum Master. Since then, I have been serving companies as a Scrum Master and experienced a lot of teams and products.


I got familiar with Scrum.org. So, I decided to challenge myself to get all their certificates and improve myself to the highest level. In parallel, I started teaching Scrum.


I made a committed decision to be a Professional Scrum Trainer (PST) with Scrum.org.


I achieved my goal after 4 years of intensive effort. You can see my PST profile on Scrum.org here:


Nowadays, I conduct various Scrum.org classes for people who are interested in using Scrum in their context.

Second thread

2019 – 2021

There was always an inner voice inside me saying I had something missing about our level of being. So, I was unconsciously searching for the answer. I tried several training courses, coaches, etc. but no one was my answer.

At the beginning of 2022, I found my answer unexpectedly. I got familiar with Bob Proctor Institute and realized it was my exact missing answer. So, I started investing intensively in it to see how we can improve our way of being to build a professional attitude that goal-achieving is the natural part of it.


Indeed, our inside creates more than 95% of our results. So, if we want to change our results, we need to change our inside. But first, you need to increase your awareness of how your mind works and create harmony between your way of thinking, feeling, and acting. Then you will see that not only you can create success one after another but you can even teach others to learn it.


My experience showed me that beyond knowledge and structure, you need one more thing to be successful which is Attitude.


The difference between successful and mass people is not that they are more capable of having more things but they are just more aware of the creation process. They have built a success attitude helping them achieve whatever they want.


So, nowadays I switched my main focus to the foundation of success which is creating a professional mind.


Indeed, little work was done about how to create a professional attitude in the product delivery process.


So, I decided to focus on this part and give it depth, teaching people to expand their knowledge of it and create a new Professional Success Attitude.

Mehdi Hoseini

Mehdi Hoseini

Personal life

I live in a small quiet city in the Netherlands with my wife and son.
I love reading books, cooking (specifically Iranian kebabs), shopping, traveling, and watching movies.
Last but not least : “When I teach, I feel alive.”