Professional Scrum Master™ course


Professional Scrum Master™ course

Learn a modern way of teamwork and understand
Scrum’s underlying principles and the Agile mindset.


2 days (16 hours)


Live online



PSM course description

PSM course is the most famous course of It is a 2-day fully interactive and discovery-based class challenging you to have AHA moments to truly get the essence of Scrum, its elements, and binding rules.
Moreover, in this course, you gain a strong understanding of Professional Scrum to go beyond the superficial usage of Scrum.


PSM I certificate

PSM class participants have two attempts for the PSM I exam included in the class fee.
When they pass the exam, they get the PSM I certificate.


Who is the audience of the PSM course?

The PSM course is appropriate for learners in any industry where teams are working to solve complex problems.

Anyone involved in product delivery

• Developers
• Product Owners
• Leaders
• Product Managers
• Testers
• …

New Scrum Masters

All people who want to start their
journey to be a Scrum Master

Scrum Masters / Agile Coaches

Scrum Masters, Agile/Scrum Coaches, and consultants looking to improve their use of Scrum

Why should you participate in my class?

10 years ago, I was working in a software development team. We used to use the waterfall approach. We went to our cave for 2 years. When we came out of our cave something terrible happened. Customers told us that they don’t want our product.

I lost everything like my hope, energy, money, and time. However, I investigated why we failed. Through the investigation process, I got familiar with Scrum and Agile.

It was my turning point so I decided to change my career path to be a Scrum Master. Since then, I have been serving companies as a Scrum Master and experienced a lot of teams and products.

These days, my experiences help me enrich my classes by using them as real examples.


Delivery ways

Public Class

You can register for this type of class individually. So, you will have classmates from all around the world. Moreover, you have an opportunity to expand your learning network and connections.

Private Class

If you are a company or startup wanting to improve your way of working, you can book a private class. For a private class, you first need to book a call with the trainer to coordinate and organize the class.

PSM course outline


Day 1

Session 01


Session 02


Session 03

Cynefin model

Session 04

Navigating professionalism

Session 05

Scrum framework

Session 06

Scrum events, artifacts, and accountabilities


Day 2

Session 07

Scrum Values

Session 08

Technical Debt & Definition of Done

Session 09

Product delivery with Scrum

Session 10

Product Backlog refinement and estimation

Session 11

Team composition & Scrum Master accountability

Session 12



Debanjan Ghosh


“The trainer was exceptionally good. Mehdi explained the concepts for PSM I with great detail and was patient enough to answer all queries.”

Het Shah


“The overall training conducted by Mehdi Hoseini is very great in terms of explanation, examples, content. Collaboration among the live session with people is appreciated. Also, he gives well guidance to how to take certification exam and helpful key points to make a note before attempting exam. The best training ever thanks Mehdi.”

Niranjan Mani


“Way he’s handling the session is simply wow and he made us understand all the concepts.”

Course trainer

Mehdi Hoseini


Professional Scrum Trainer

Mehdi Hoseini

PSM course registration

I’m interested in the PSM class but still have some questions

If you see that my class resonates with you but still have some questions, feel free to choose a timeslot on my calendar to have a 20-minute free video call. I would be happy to help you make the best decision.

Course registration

Yes, I want to Register for Mehdi’s PSM class


2 days (16 hours)


Live online (for private classes in Europe, it is negotiable to do it in person)




PSM I certificate: Two exam attempts included in the class fee