Success Attitude Coaching

Success Attitude Coaching

Build your goal-achieving identity with a new way of thinking, feeling, and acting to create massive results.


6 months


Live online



The power of WANT

Recall when you were a little child. If you wanted something from your parents, you would eventually get it. Why were you that successful?

Because you didn’t even know the meaning of limit. So, your want was genuine and you just WANTED.

You used to exactly act based on this concept:


However, over the years, we have been programmed with our environment and taught that
we are limited. The worst case is that we believe that we are limited.

But you are still that child that whenever wanted something, achieved it. It means you can still WANT everything and get it successfully if you reset yourself to the factory setting and reprogram your mind with a success attitude.

So, invest in yourself and again experience a clean, light, and innocent mind that knows no limit. This time not as a child, but as an adult who can design his desired success to have a business and life of excellence.


Digital Entrepreneurs

• CEO of the software companies

• Startup Founders

• Business Owners


IT Professionals

• CTO, CPO, Other C-level managers

• Tech Lead, Team Lead, Chapter Lead, …

• Scrum Master, Agile Coach

• Product Owner, Product Manager

• Software Developers

Who is the audience of this coaching program?

I help Digital Entrepreneurs and IT Professionals create thriving businesses and lives, flourish their higher selves, learn how to effectively think, have full control of their inside and mind, and live with true freedom.

Problems in the PERSONAL life advancement

Are you a Digital Entrepreneur or an IT Professional seeing problems in your personal life advancement?

So, you should be familiar with these problems:

• I always wanted to have my own business but it seems the right time is never come.
• I have a lot of initiative to improve my life but they always stay at the thought level.
• I know I want a better life but I don’t have enough motivation to take action.
• I don’t have the courage to go beyond my comfort zone.
• When I think of my behavior, I see hidden constant procrastination.
• I don’t feel calm inside me so I am always in a hurry.
• I don’t feel real freedom and a life of excellence.
• …


Problems in the WORK context

Are you a Digital Entrepreneur like a CEO, Startup Founder, Business Owner, …?
Or an IT Professional like a CTO, CPO, Tech Lead, Scrum Master, Agile Coach, Developer, …?

Then you should be familiar with these problems:

• We usually don’t achieve our business goals.
• Teams are passive.
• Our decision-making process is time-consuming.
• We don’t have a clear vision and mid-term goals. So, we have a feeling of wandering.
• No one wants to take the responsibility of making tough decisions.
• Our release process is painful and it is several months that we haven’t had a release.
• We have a heavy organizational structure but no one has the courage to change it.
• We see a lot of silos and real collaboration is missing.
• We have a long Time to Market.
• We don’t see real business growth so we just fight to survive.
• …



Short answer is building a “SUCCESS ATTITUDE”

If you want to be successful, beyond knowledge and structure you need one more thing which is attitude.
Indeed, attitude is the foundation of success.

1. First, you need to learn how your mind works. Indeed, it’s limitless. But ask yourself whether you believe in it.
2. You need to develop your higher faculties.
3. You need to learn the quick decision-making process.
4. You need to make a definitive decision on what you really want.
5. You need to dramatically improve how you think, feel, and act.
6. You need to learn to see the invisible forces inside and around you.
7. You need someone to come with you, hand in hand to show you the exact way, your coach.
8. You need an irrevocable decision that you will do whatever it takes to create a SUCCESS ATTITUDE.

It is SIMPLE, but not EASY.

Delivery ways

One-on-one Coaching

This is for most serious people who are 100% ready with a committed decision to do whatever it takes to create massive results. The learner is privately led by the coach to reach their goals and create a professional success attitude.

Group Coaching

In this way, the program is delivered to a group of a maximum of 10 learners. So, they have an opportunity to learn from their peers and also keep each other accountable.

Corporate Coaching

When a company or startup wants to invest in its teams and leaders and creates an advancing vibe, this is the best option. Specifically, when you want to build a goal-achieving identity to reach the business goals constantly.

Program outline

Basic concepts

Month 1

Week 01

Mind structure, paradigm, self-image

Week 02

Higher faculties (part 1)

Week 03

Higher faculties (part 2)

Week 04

Universal laws (part 1)


Month 2

Week 05

Universal laws (part 2)

Week 06

Q&A call

Week 07

Life purpose

Week 08

Vision (part 1)

Lay your new attitude foundation

Month 3

Week 09

Vision (part 2) – Q&A call

Week 10

Vision (part 3)

Week 11

Winner image

Week 12

Goal planning

Tune your mind

Month 4

Week 13


Week 14

   Get momentum with standard, discipline, and persistence

Week 15

Decision making

Week 16

Professional day routines

Design your new way of being

Month 5

Week 17

  The power of auto-suggestion

Week 18

Desire, faith, clean mind

Week 19

The advancing person

Week 20

Q&A call

Solidify your new attitude

Month 6

Week 21

Complementary laws (part 1)

Week 22

Complementary laws (part 2)

Week 23

Confidence and creativity

Week 24

Responsibility, communication, and prevent the outside world from controlling your inside

Week 25

Strengthen your new attitude and serenity

Program coach

Mehdi Hoseini


Professional Scrum Trainer

Mehdi Hoseini

Program registration

I’m interested in building my new attitude

Then choose a timeslot on my calendar to have a 30-minute free video call to get acquainted with each other and discuss the program’s specifications.


6 months


Live online




21 one-hour coaching sessions + 3 Q&A sessions + weekly assignments